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If your doors and casing look old and outdated, give them a fresh coat of sparkling white paint.

It will make your whole house look cleaner and more contemporary.

Create a relaxing setting with luxurious linens and soft colors that will make a potential homebuyer want to sit back and relax.

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Storage sells houses — it always ranks high on a buyer’s priority list.

First impressions are everything, especially if you’re trying to sell your home.

When dressing a window, remember designer Monica Pedersen's formula for balance: For a large window in a large room, use large-patterned window treatments.

A small pattern tends to disappear in a large room.

If not, laminate paper can be used to re-cover the existing panel.

Tip: When staging your kitchen for homebuyers, keep the countertops nice and clear.

It also works great in damp environments (like bathrooms) because it soaks up moisture. The Designed to Sell experts are always looking for ways to repurpose old junk.

They've turned strips of hardwood flooring into a fence, cut down pieces of old laminate countertops to make shelves and made headboards out of just about anything, including old doors.

Be sure to set out a floor plan with the dimensions of each room so buyers can see exactly what they're getting.

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