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On the flip side, this type of layout divides a home into several distinct "boxes" or areas that make it difficult to connect spaces to each other.

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However, it was not until the housing boom following World War II that this style began to be built in virtually every area of the nation and became the mainstay of mid-level residential marketing through most of the 1950s and ’60s.

A split-level home is essentially a non-traditional multistory home.

You have to go up or down to get to any part of the house.

Because these homes were built as an economical alternative to the more traditional (and pricey) colonial or cape homes popular in the previous decades, many were constructed with little or no attempt to add detail or charm to the residence. An insufficient entry area with stairs too close to the front door with the split-entry design.

As with any home remodel, there are plenty of options to fit various budgets and situational needs. All it takes is some creative thinking, an architect and a willingness to invest in your home and neighborhood.

Once you address the issues that are bothering you, you will be able to say you wholeheartedly love your split-level house. Schwemmer are the principal architects and co-founders of a residential architectural firm focused on life-changing remodeling designs at Renovation Design

Try to blend the interior design with the exterior.

Look for inspiration in Arts and Crafts style decor (if you are unfamiliar with Arts and Crafts design, your best bet is to pick up a book at the library; this simple American style is difficult to define) and keep your home simple and flowing.

The unique floor plan and exterior of a split-level home often makes it difficult to make large changes when renovating, but with good planning and flexibility, you can transform your vintage 50s place into a modern-feeling, friendly gathering place. You may be remodeling simply to update and retain value in your home, or you may want to create more space in your home to accommodate new family members.

A split-level home design is unforgiving of mistakes, so clarity of purpose is critical.

Owners of split-level homes often have a love/hate relationship with their house.

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