Oath of the gatewatch prerelease online dating

This doesn’t mean you can’t play decks with those synergies, just that you’re way less likely to be able to.

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Support is an interesting mechanic that can be very powerful but demands that you build your deck and play the game with it in mind.

First, you need a ton of creatures—a card like Relief Captain goes from bad to powerful if you can get its full effect. 1/ 1 is good, but it does so much more on turn 5 than it will do on turn 8.

For aggressive creatures, 3/2 seems to be the most common size.

Pumping a 3/2 creature with support looks like the best way to get through the most common blockers, though you’ll still end up trading with all the 3/2s (which makes me think that the defensive decks might want a 3/2 blocker over a 2/3 blocker a lot of the time).

You will find some cards that exile, but not as many, and nothing that processes.

You’ll find some cards that gain life, but nothing that benefits from them.

Ideally you’ll play a 2-drop on turn 2, and not on turn 5 to turn on a surge card, but sometimes you draw your 2-drop on turn 5 and then surge makes sure you can play it effectively for free.

Of the surge cards, the one I likebest is Boulder Salvo.

Since you don’t get to choose a color beforehand, like you did a while ago, there isn’t much merit in discussing which color is the best—only what you open matters.

Instead, I’ll try to focus on the abilities of the new set, general strategies, and what changes in .

A card like Akoum Flameseeker, for example, has a fine body (3/2 for 3), good for supporting, and if the game stalls, can put you up two or three extra cards by discarding excess lands.

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