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He is terrified that footage of him NUDE could leak on to the internet after spotting a drone filming him through his bedroom window.

In an exclusive chat, the 2016 X Factor winner said: “I live by myself so I walk around naked all the time.

The US singer stepped out in this outrageous orange corduroy suit – and didn’t show a hint of remorse about her fashion choice.

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The Wrecking Ball singer admitted she can’t bear to be away from her porky pals for any length of time.

She said: “Literally the only reason I’m not touring is because of those f***ing pigs.

“Bruno [Mars] was on drums, Jeff [Baskher] was on keys, I was on bass, and we just kept playing it until we locked into a groove.

It really wasn’t that different from how you would make a record in the Sixties or Seventies,” says Ronson, guiding me around his compact and oddly sterile studio base.

“I was like, ‘God, whoever has this drone has just seen me walking around naked at home’.” He found the device, which had a camera attached, on the floor outside his North London home. I was very panicked and it has made me close my blinds.” He has other things to keep him busy though, with his latest single Sucker For You coming out this Friday.

He continued: “I called my manager and I was like, ‘What shall I do? I’ve already heard the track, about the end of a relationship, and it’s an excellent chart tune which will feature on his album, due early next year.

Now she’s concentrating on a sequel to her tearjerking You Tube documentary I Am: Demi Lovato, which is called Simply Complicated. JP COOPER surprised even himself with his great new album Raised Under Grey Skies.

He said: “There are songs that will make you smile, dance and will bring a tear to your eyes.

The way Ronson describes it, he was searching for something elusive from the mental archives of a vast record collection.

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