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If he donates to a clinic (preferable but we understand expernsive) the sperm will be quarantined for six months to be sure it is safe with regards to HIV etc-ask for options at your local sperm bank/ clinic.

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It is by using member feedback that I can monitor what is going on and try to keep the site a safe and respectful place to correspond with one another.

Members can also use a free legal document outlining their agreed arrangement with donor - just get this signed and notarised to clearly state your intention.

Please note that this is very similar to a dating site- I can't guarantee anything, and please do consider if this is really right for you!

If not you may wish to use a sperm bank - many are listed in the Sperm donation directory Please support my fight to abolish anonymity Back to top FSDW now offer self-insemination kits for sale, to use after donor testing. The DIY Baby™ Ultimate Self-Insemination Kit Includes; DIY Baby™ Self-Insemination Guide Donor Agreement Document Pregnancy Wheel and Ovulation Calculator Plastic Syringe Sperm Collection Cup 10 Ovulation (Fertility)Tests (needed to more effectively time day/s to inseminate) Special offer- kit currently includes 15 ovulation test!

When you are happy that all is going to your satisfaction you will need to make your arrangement re collection of fresh sperm ready for self-insemination, or make an arrangement with him to donate to a clinic.

There are only a few days in your cycle when it is possible to become pregnant.It is YOUR responsibility to cancel your subscription from within your paypal account when you have found a suitable donor or no longer wish to be a member.Please note however that if you cancel your membership and wish to then reinstate it at a later time you will need to start again.When you think you have found the 'right donor' you need to decide what tests etc you require- and there are usually places you can get your donor tested for free- eg in the UK you just got to your local NHS GU clinic for same day testing and results.Some of our sperm donors are registered with sperm banks and have that info.Set up a hotmail address just for this purpose and to protect yourself.

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